I believe yoga can be practiced by anyone at any age with life-changing results.

IT happened to me.

It happened to my mother at 60.

I want it to happen to you.

I started practicing yoga from scratch.

My back wouldn't bend one inch, and I sat hunched over with terrible posture. When I tried to touch my toes, my hands waved off the floor like a willow tree.

I was determined to figure out yoga, so I joined a thirty-day yoga challenge at my studio that required me to practice yoga every single day for thirty days straight.

I was transformed.

After those thirty days I could actually move my body up, down, sideways, backwards. I became acutely aware of everything I consumed - drinks, food, alcohol - and how it made me feel.

I slept better.

I breathed better.

I flew on airplanes better (breathe through turbulence, yo).

I jazz-fested better (rotate those hips).

I teach yoga to create a powerful, healthy New Orleans.

After ten years of practicing, I decided to share yoga with New Orleans.

I completed my Power Yoga teacher training with Free To Be Power Yoga and apprenticed with Jessica Blanchard at Balance Yoga Wellness to teach Ashtanga Yoga.

I teach two styles of yoga

POWER YOGA: a heated practice that wrings out toxins and builds strength

ASHTANGA YOGA: a meditative flow that deepens flexibility, Breath and stamina

These two styles compliment one another: Power Yoga builds tremendous strength and Ashtanga Yoga creates complimentary flexibility. When I practice both of these styles, I feel strong, flexible and healthy.


In a power yoga class we create a tremendous physical release using movements natural to the body: stretching, bending and twisting. We build strength by internally activating muscles, and we layer in deep breaths to clear out stress and anxiety. The room is heated to 80-90 degrees so we sweat!

The goal of Power Yoga is to break down mental, physical and emotional boundaries so you can live a life you love.  Yoga philosophy is distilled into clear, modern language and interspersed throughout the practice so your workout is physical and mental.

You’re never too old, never too bad, never too late and never too sick to start from the scratch once again.
— Bikram Choudhury


  • Power yoga is accessible to anyone
  • All poses can be adjusted to your body
  • The room is heated to 80-90 degrees 
  • I adjust students to bring awareness to the body
  • Expect a physical and mental workout
  • Through purposeful breath and movement, you will discover a physical challenge and mental release

what is mysore style ashtanga yoga?

Join a class full of students self-practicing yoga at their own pace under the supervision of a teacher (that's me).

Students practice from the Ashtanga Yoga Series, a set of postures that they learn over time and commit to memory.

Rather than leading the class, I work with each pupil one-on-one offering adjustments and new yoga postures so everyone explores Ashtanga Yoga at their own pace.

There's no need to rush to Mysore Style Ashtanga Yoga, the class usually lasts over two hours and students can arrive at any point to start their practice. This makes it much easier for you to fit yoga into your schedule.

If you've never done Ashtanga Yoga (or yoga period), this class is perfect for you. You'll learn yoga in a safe environment.

If you're an experienced yoga practitioner, you'll find yourself in yoga-heaven. You'll explore advanced postures with lots of hands-on adjustments.

Imagine a semi-private class where you practice according to the pace of your own breath. You move through postures with your individual strengths and restrictions in mind.

The teacher provides guidance and adjustments tailored to you alone. Detailed hands-on assistance will help you to avoid misalignments that can lead to injury.

This style of instruction builds on the traditional Ashtanga approach first established by Sri K. Pattabhi Jois in Mysore, India.
— Jessica Blanchard, owner of Balance, Yoga & Wellness

Ashtanga Yoga Details

  • Ashtanga yoga is a set series of postures
  • Every yoga posture is held for five breaths
  • Ashtanga yoga is hands-on; you'll receive amazing adjustments
  • All poses will be configued to meet your body's meeds
  • The room is usually 75-85 degrees

Which style of yoga is right for you?

GO TO POWER YOGA IF you're seeking:

  • A sweaty workout. The room is heated to 80-90 degrees to flush our your body.
  • Mobile muscles. We build core, arm and leg strength with am emphasis on mobility so your muscles are limber.
  • Practical yoga philosophySprout your lotus-gold from your namaste-garden, said no power yoga teacher ever. Power Yoga direction is clear, practical and powerful so you can use it on and off the mat.

Go to Ashtanga Yoga if you're seeking:

  • One-on-one attention. Mysore style Ashtanga enables me to work with every student individually.
  • More breathing, less talking. I don't lead your Ashtanga practice, your breath does. Ashtanga Yoga's emphasis on breath count cultivates a meditative state so your stress melts away. 
  • Lots of adjustments. My primary purpose in a mysore class is to assist you in a pose. I will adjust you throughout your practice so you can find your fullest expression of the pose.