I teach two styles of yoga

Power Yoga:  A heated practice that wrings out toxins and builds strength

Ashtanga Yoga: A meditative flow that deepens flexibility, breath and stamina 

The up to the minute schedule of classes i teach


New Orleans yoga studios where I teach


Free To Be Power Yoga
4609 Magazine Street (@Napolean)
New Orleans, LA 70115


Balance, Yoga & Wellness
120 South Cortez Street (@Canal)
New Orleans, LA 70119

A guide to getting on the mat today

How to decide which yoga class is right for you

GO TO POWER YOGA IF you're seeking:

  • A sweaty workout. The room is heated to 80-90 degrees to flush out your body.
  • Mobile muscles. We build core, arm and leg strength with am emphasis on mobility so your muscles are limber.
  • Practical yoga philosophySprout your lotus-gold from your namaste-garden, said no power yoga teacher ever. Power Yoga direction is clear, practical and powerful so you can use it on and off the mat.

Go to Ashtanga Yoga if you're seeking:

  • One-on-one attention. Mysore style Ashtanga enables me to work with every student individually.
  • More breathing, less talking. I don't lead your Ashtanga practice, your breath does. Ashtanga Yoga's emphasis on breath count cultivates a meditative state so your stress melts away. 
  • Freedom to develop a self-practice. The goal of mysore style Ashtanga Yoga is to create a self-practice. If you want to learn how to do yoga anytime, anywhere with or without a teacher, this class is for you. 


I teach these two styles of yoga because you'll feel amazing when you practice both.